stop motion animation "what you see"
BA University Project
The brief was to create a visual response to "it doesn't matter what you look at, what matters is what you see".
As a fashion collage artist, I spend a lot of time looking through fashion magazines. I love the colors and beautiful clothes in them, yet I often forget what they really are: fancy shopping catalogues you actually have to pay for. 

Text from the video
How to shop non-stop: Step inside.
True Love has a colour and a name,
I wonder if pleasure, happiness and confidence is precious?
The most precious thing is my wardrobe
I tell you, you need designers to feel empowered, strong, beautiful, faboulous.
You want to be the best you can be?
Have a new mind, body, skin!
Forget your brain and it will seem a whole lot easier.
Shop direct from Elle.

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