Five Fashion Gifs. Pink Lip. Yellow Butterfly. Eyeball. Neon Sign. Hankerchief
Collage Animation Gif. Camera moves through 3 different Collage Worlds.
Collage Animation in an endless loop.
Personal Work.
My aim was to create and explore a colorful world, built around sunglasses. 
The animation is a Droste-like loop and can be extended or shortened as desired.
Screenshot Fashion Collage Animation. Surreal world. Eyeballs and flowers.
Fashion Collage Animation. Screenshots.
Animation & Artwork: Chantal Caduff                                                                                                                    Music: Les Cartes Postales Sonores - Birds,Grass,Horse of Sen Monorom                                                                                         Monplaisir - Dog, Bird, Pig, Frog

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