Stop Motion Animation answering the creative brief "it doesn't matter what you look at what matters is what you see"

The brief was to create a visual response to "it doesn't matter what you look at, what matters is what you see".
I love to look at fashion magazines as much as the next girl, yet if you think about it, all what they really are, are fancy shopping catalogues you actually have to pay for. 

How to shop non-stop: Step inside.
True Love has a colour and a name,
I wonder if pleasure, happiness and confidence is precious?
The most precious thing is my wardrobe
I tell you, you need designers to feel empowered, strong, beautiful, faboulous.
You want to be the best you can be?
Have a new mind, body, skin!
Forget your brain and it will seem a whole lot easier.
Shop direct from Elle.

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